The Tree by Sophia age 10

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February 21, 2018
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March 8, 2018
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The Tree by Sophia age 10

Its a cold winders day and you are walking through the windy woods. The trees are bare and dull, all the orange and brown leaves scattered everywhere on the floor. Not a single flower is in sight, you shiver and wrap your arms around yourself to give you warmth.

Suddenly you see a tree, not any old tree, one which has millions of small flowers, all different ones, pink ones, yellow ones, red ones, blue ones, purple ones and even orange ones! There are healthy green leaves growing on every branch, you gasp in amazement at the sight. You have this strange feeling that the tree wants you to come closer to it and climb it. Slowly you walk forward and with difficulty you start climbing up.

Your panting, gasping and negative thoughts come to you, you think you can’t go on any more. But then you feel that strange feeling again that the tree is trying to tell you something. Then you realise it’s encouraging you. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and then all the positive thoughts come to you. You carry on climbing up the tree. Birds come and start singing sweet melodies and you smile and gaze happily at the fantastic view.

It’s not cold anymore but warm and the golden sun is setting a rainbow of colours. You can come to your tree whenever you want to relax. You hear the peaceful hum of the bees and happily jump down and walk home.