Relax with Lauren’s castle story

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October 10, 2017
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Relax with Lauren’s castle story

Imagine that you were magically transported to a beach which was never found before. You were on your own digging your bare feet into the soft, golden sand below you. In the distance, a sandcastle had been built and it is slowly getting destroyed by the slight breeze and also by the swish of the waves.

You sit down and listen to the gentle trickle of the water. Eventually, the waves reach your feet and wash the dirt out of them. You see, far far, in the distance, steep, narrow steps leading up to the top of the clouds.

You begin to climb them and reach the fluffy cloud with a huge castle on it. You step inside to see what awaits.

You walk straight into the hall which is full of the scent of lavender. The fire in the fireplace is making you feel warm, welcome and very cosy. You slowly take a seat in the red, comfy sofa.

Soon, without realising, the song on the radio calms you off to a slight, gentle sleep. You dream of living in a modern castle just like the one you are currently in.

Gently, you wake up and realise it’s time to go back home. The castle is only owned by you. You can visit it at any time, at any day you like.

by Lauren age 9

What a great place Lauren has found to relax! Children learn wonderful mindfulness techniques in our MiniYoga classes and this story shows how they can use their imagination to create safe havens they can escape to when they close their eyes. For more information on MiniYoga please contact