Monday Mindfulness….

Mindfulness story by Ellie-May age 9
September 26, 2017
A beautiful story showing the amazing results of yoga!
October 4, 2017
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Monday Mindfulness….

Emma age 8 wrote this amazing mindfulness story after her MiniYoga classes with us!


Close your eyes.


You look around and see a tall tree, blossoms covering it’s branches. You feel a soft petal brush against your hand and slowly tilt your hand so your palm faces the bright blue sky, ready to catch the fluffy clouds above. A pale pink and white blossom falls onto your hand, resting on it’s back staring at the glaring sun above. You smile, a feeling of warmth spreading through your body from the palm of your hand. This is your place, where you can come for harmony and peace. You lie down, feeling the brush of wet grass on your back, staring up to the sky.


You watch on as the tree grows leaves, dark forest green and turn amber and yellow. A blanket of snow falls on the branches of the tree and the grass below. You lie there the cold and fresh white powder all around you and you look in your palm. A single, pale blossom lies there, waiting. The whole world changed around you but the small blossom remains. It will never leave. This is your life, remembered forever by the people close to you.


Wake up.


Our MiniYoga classes are all about engaging children’s minds as well as learning traditional yoga poses. For more information email and have happy, calm children in your school.