Mindfulness story by Ellie-May age 9

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Mindfulness story by Ellie-May age 9

Our MiniYoga classes are not just about doing yoga, but also about engaging children’s minds. We work with our children to create mindfulness stories too, take a look at Ellie-May’s beautiful beach story….

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath in….. and out. Imagine that you are at the beach on a really sunny day. You are lying down on the warm sand and slowly sinking into it. You are so calm and relaxed here.

 The waves are washing up on the shore. You can hear the sound of the sand being dragged by the gentle waves. You start to feel the sea slowly washing up by your toes. The water is cool and refreshing against your feet.

 Your eyes are closed but you can still see the golden glow of the sun through your eye lids. You can feel the rays of the sun going into your skin and warming up your whole body.

 Gradually you start to get up and walk into the ocean. Every step you take you feel refreshed by the cool water lapping up over your body. You take a deep breath in and then slowly lower your body into the water. You gently open your eyes and see the wonderful vibrant colours of the corals swaying with the gentle waves and the fish all around you. There are so many colours and things to see this is the most spectacular thing you have ever seen. The golden yellow sand is glistening from the suns heat bouncing off the water. You feel so calm and peaceful here as you swim around with all the different types of fish.

 If you ever feel anxious or stressed or any bad feelings just think of this story and it will help you feel calm and relaxed again.”

For more information on MiniYoga and Mindfulness in schools please contact claire@rowanperkin.co.uk