Jake’s Peaceful Jungle

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February 7, 2018
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February 21, 2018
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Jake’s Peaceful Jungle

Imagine you are lying in a jungle with the wind pushing past your hair. A soft panda snuggling up next to you.

The grass between your toes and the trees slowly drifting in the wind. A tall bamboo tree that sways over you in a peaceful way. Your soft hair gliding in the wind.

The bright sun in the blue sky, shining. You are resting your eyes with your body being tanned. You can feel a waterfall gently splashing onto your back. A cute dog sleeping next to you, relaxing in a calm state of mind. Fresh apples near you, ready to eat whenever you please.

You can hear the birds chirping and the waterfall falling down. The river is still and the dog is smooth. This scene is tranquil. You can drift off to sleep with a dog by your side and a waterfall splashing gently on you. This is paradise.