Amazing testimonial!

Bubble Wand by Amy age 10
November 2, 2017
Kamran age 9 – The Rushing River
November 9, 2017
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Amazing testimonial!

This amazing testimonial has come from a teacher at a school we are working in providing both enrichment MiniYoga and Mindfulness classes as well as one to one sessions for pupils with additional needs.

Last half term I had the privilege of observing Rowan working with two of our pupils, during one to one Yoga sessions, on two occasions. I was so impressed with her use of sensory lighting and music to create a calming therapeutic atmosphere. She successfully used Compression Therapy, using a blanket, feather and deep breathing with amazing results; a calmness and stillness in a usually lively and restless child. She demonstrated lovely rapport and an engaging manner throughout the session.

I wish her success with any opportunity she has to take her skills into any other schools.

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