mini-massage-logoMiniMassage an Internationally accredited and approved infant massage training programme for childcare staff. Designed specifically for the childcare setting, ideal for babies, toddlers and the under fives.

Why learn Infant Massage in your childcare setting?
Massage is the most natural way of communicating with a child before they are able to talk. Health practitioners actively signpost new parents to baby massage courses to assist with bonding, confidence, alleviate common childhood  problems and to help with post natal depression.

cta-mini-massage1Help to assist the transition from home to a childcare setting by offering this same nurturing touch through gentle infant massage.

Just10 minutes of infant massage releases Oxytocin, the happy hormone, so both children and childcare staff feel calm, relaxed and happy.

The Training Course

A two day on site training course for nursery staff and child carers. The course covers the following:

  • History and Benefits of baby massage
  • Contraindications
  • Use of oil
  • Considerations in a childcare setting
  • Baby massage routine practical demonstrations
  • Specific massages for colic and sleep

Who is it suitable for?

Nursery staff, child minders, nannies, residential unit cares


Ongoing practical throughout course with an open book examination

What qualification do childcare staff get?

Certificate in MiniMassage using infant massage in a child care setting.  Annual  re-certification training day, ongoing CPD and use of MiniMassage logo.

Course Details

If you would like to be a part of the Internationally approved MiniMassage programme then enter your details below and we will be in touch asap with how you can begin

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Rowan and I met some years ago now as she used to come to me on a regular basis for reflexology treatments as I was looking for an alternative option for some health problems. It was through her reflexology that I began to feel better and more confident and finally, after years of not knowing quite what was wrong, was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Through all of it, the regular reflexology with Rowan was a godsend to managing and keeping my condition under control. She is sensible and pragmatic and naturally her business has flourished. We share a passion for young people and mindfulness and I am excited about sharing that journey with her as she introduces yoga practice to a younger audience, which will no doubt enable our young people to deal with the stresses of growing up in an ever complex world.
Thanks so much for the course it helped me to retain a positive mind set throughout.
Thank you for your knowledge and expertise - your classes were excellent.
As a first time mummy- to-be, I was absolutely petrified about the whole concept of giving birth. However, signing up for Rowan's HypnoBirthing course was the best thing I ever did! The techniques my husband and I learnt meant that I was at home for the first 48 hours of my labour in a calm and peaceful environment and only went into hospital at the end and calmly gave birth to our baby girl! 6 weeks later, Rowan was teaching me baby massage with my daughter which our little girl adores to this day. Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are for Rowan's help in providing our daughter such a wonderful start to life and would recommend her courses to anyone!”
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you so, so much for your amazing course and additional support you provided us with. If we're to be honest with my Dad passing away suddenly less than three weeks before we gave birth I had somewhat loss my way with the HypnoBirthing and was feeling overly anxious about the birth and returning to a hospital. But when the time came all the practise we had put in and the ability to return to a state of calm that you had taught us instinctively kicked in.The birth was amazing, It was so empowering to be able to do everything at our own pace without any undue intervention.Our little boy, is incredibly calm and still loves to listen to the HypnoBirthing CD. Once again thank you so much, the birthing experience you enabled us to have will remain with us for a lifetime.
I attended your baby massage class four years ago. Our family has grown and that 12 week old baby has started school now. Just wanted to say how much I looked forward to your classes and what a great teacher you were. I still treasure those early memories as a first time mum! Thank you!
Just wanted to thank you so much for the knowledge and skills we learnt with you. Not only was the course enjoyable and took place in a safe and relaxing environment; the   confidence we had in the approach you taught us enabled us to take the HypnoBirthing theory and use them to make our labour adventure a lot more calm and positive.Our little boy, was born as an unplanned home birth! I can't tell you what a difference     having those techniques and knowledge meant.  Thanks to your course my Husband was amazing, he kept me focused and I was able to concentrate on the birth rather than the drama that an emergency home birth could have been!HypnoBirthing and your course will be something that we attribute to the amazing birth of our little boy and have already spread the HypnoBirthing word. Thank you!
I'm finally emailing to let you know I had my baby! I wimped out and went to the hospital but still got my water birth which was amazing and it felt so much more private. It was really fast and I was home within a couple hours actually feeling ready to do it all again which is amazing compared to last time!Thank you so much for making it such a positive experience for me. I actually have happy memories of the entire experience and we have a super chilled out baby too!
You have been such a huge help! My Mum, Mum in law and Sister thought you were     brilliant! You have even converted my mum to the HypnoBirthing way! My sister plans to do the course when she starts her family.  Many thanks
My husband and I recently completed a private HypnoBirthing course with Rowan and can honestly say it's the best preparation we have had for the upcoming birth of our first child. I was initially anxious about the birth process, but Rowan's amazing knowledge and calmness has really empowered me. It has helped put me at ease about knowing what to expect, how I can use different techniques to manage it and the support my husband can provide too.  An amazing course run by an amazing lady - we can't recommend Rowan highly enough!!